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Chelan PUD lifts boil water advisory for customers in the Olds Station area

by Kimberlee Craig | Jul 11, 2017
Tuesday, lab results come back negative for any microbes – tap water safe to use.

Chelan PUD just received good news from lab test results of the water in Olds Station. No coliforms or other microbes were found in any of the water samples taken. Residents and businesses can return to using the Chelan PUD tap water. It is safe to drink for humans and pets.

Sometime early Monday morning the automated controls that operate the PUD’s water system, malfunctioned and a portion of the Chelan PUD water system affecting about 250 customers in the Olds Station area lost pressure. Repairs were made immediately and water service was restored, however, the PUD sent water samples out for testing to make sure the water was safe to drink. The affected customers are in the area shown on the attached map.

When pressure is lost in a water system there is a potential for contamination to enter. As a result, PUD water customers were asked to boil their water or pick up free bottled water from the Fire Station on Easy street until it was determined that the water is safe to drink.

The PUD appreciates the cooperation from the public and from local agencies during this temporary situation. Any inconvenience is regrettable. If you have any questions, please contact (509) 661-4254.