North Shore Chelan Substation

The PUD has been working with the community since August 2015 to find a location for a new substation between Chelan and Manson. The existing substations, Union Valley and Wapato, serving this area are nearing capacity. A new substation is needed in order to redistribute existing electrical load and to anticipate further growth during the next decade.

On March 20, PUD Commissioners agreed the three sights under consideration do not meet the PUD's goal to provide the best for the most for the longest period of time due to aesthetic, cost and easement challenges. On May 1, staff provided two updates to PUD Commissioners. One on underground transmission and one on siting the substation. PUD staff and the community focus group continued assessing areas closer to the load center to determine if there was a suitable location.

On September 19, staff provided an update to PUD Commissioners on two sites under consideration. Since May, staff has identified two areas and worked with property owners to secure options on two parcels. PUD staff anticipates making a recommendation to Commissioners in October based on the feasibility analysis and public input.

We will keep our website updated and continue our outreach efforts via email and direct mail to inform stakeholders and seek public input.

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The PUD is always open to hearing from the public. You can share your public comments on the siting of the Chelan substation using the public comment form below, by emailing or calling 509-661-4294. 

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