Bavarian Substation Design

Map of residential substation locations in Wenatchee

High-level description and photos of various PUD substations

Okanogan Substation:

  • Located at the corner of Okanogan Ave. and Kayla Way in Wenatchee
  • Built in 2013 - the PUD's newest substation
  • PUD collaborated with adjacent neighbors on landscaping type and location
  • Fencing with neutral tone slats
  • Wood transmission poles

Western Substation:

  • Located off Story Lane, just west of Western Ave. in Wenatchee (adjacent to Wenatchee Cemetery)
  • Built in 1998
  • Landscaping blends into the natural surroundings
  • Combination of fencing with slats and neutral tone brick wall
  • Steel transmission poles

Andrew York Switchyard:

  • A switchyard is much larger than a substation - these photos are only to show examples of landscaping and access roads
  • Located on Easy St. just east of Hwy. 2 in Monitor
  • Landscaping blends into the natural surroundings
  • Access road is bordered by large rocks 

Sunnyslope Substation:

  • Located at the corner Easy St. and E Peters St. in Wenatchee
  • Built in 1960
  • Fencing with darker colored slats

Union Valley Substation:

  • Located off Short Rd. up Union Valley in Chelan
  • Built in 1980
  • Landscaping hides the view of the substation from neighbors
Mobile Substation:
  • The mobile substation is the PUD's contingency plan and essentially replaces the substation transformer when performing maintenance and repairs
  • It is transported on a large truck and connected to the existing substation equipment
  • The substation is designed to allow access for the mobile substation to be driven in and out of the substation are safely and efficiently
A-Okanogan aerial 1 B-Okanogan aerial 2 C-Okanogan corner 1 D-Okanogan corner 2 E-Okanogan cross street 1 F-Okanogan cross street 2 G-Okanogan fencing 1 H-Okanogan fencing 2 I-Okanogan landscaping 1 J-Okanogan landscaping 2 K-Okanogan landscaping 3 L-Western full view 1 M-Western full view 2 N-Western gate view 1 P-Western gate view 2a Q-Western landscaping R-Western transmission and block wall 1 S-Western transmission and block wall 1A T-Andrew York access road U-Andrew York landscaping 1 V-Andrew York landscaping 2a W-Sunnyslope fencing Y-Mobile sub