Stehekin Valley Tree Trimming

WHAT:  A Chelan County PUD contractor will perform tree trimming and vegetation management along the entire overhead electric distribution line. The distribution line is highlighted in red on the map below.

The contractor may be working on trees on your property. PUD arborists are evaluating hazard trees that pose a high risk of falling into the power lines causing widespread outages. Hazard trees can have structural defects, heavy leans, infestation, root rot, and other defects. Trees that are marked with orange paint or ribbon will be cut down.

WHY: The work is necessary to continue providing safe, reliable power. The work will also decrease the risk of fire damage or branches sparking a fire.


  • Work is scheduled Monday, September 25 through Thursday, October 5
  • The crew will work 7-days per week from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


  • Flagger controlled traffic may be needed in some places
  • Free wood chips will be available to dump in 10-yard piles
  • Chips can be dumped on your property when the crew is working in close proximity
  • If you are interested in wood chips, please talk with the tree crew directly or contact Bob Nielsen
Send questions to or call 509-661-4294.