Stay cool, stay safe & save energy

by Kimberlee Craig | Jul 27, 2018

Warm enough? The weather service is saying it could get even warmer this weekend around Chelan County. It seems like only yesterday we were telling you about all of the high water due to rapid snowmelt. Well, that has changed – the snow is gone and that means the river flows start to change. Many PUD customers and visitors will be seeking a river or lake to jump in or cranking up the air conditioning so that they can stay cool. Chelan PUD has some tips:

Ways to save energy

Keep your house, apartment or condo cool by:

  • Closing the curtains, windows and doors during the day and opening your windows during the evening;
  • Set your air conditioning to 78 degrees – or as high as you are comfortable
  • Run ceiling fans and air conditioning at the same time – lets you keep the thermostat a little higher
  • Even using your kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans to help circulate the air and draw out warm air
  • Turn off fans when you are away from home
  • Use a microwave (or, outdoor barbecue if allowed) instead of your oven
  • Change your air conditioner filters    

Safety on the water

Our local rivers and lakes provide a welcome relief to the hot summer days. But, it’s important to remember a few safety tips:

  • In a boat or on a flotation device, always have one life jacket for every person. Children under 12 should always wear a life jacket when on board
  • Hopefully, everyone on board has had their swim lessons and is comfortable being in the water if they should be out of the boat for a period of time
  • On shore, make sure children are under the supervision of an adult at all times. Even on beaches where there is a lifeguard – remember, they are not babysitters

And, if you are boating, remember river levels can change quickly during the day. You can get real-time river levels at: and safe boat ramp operating levels at: Watch for posted signs or follow us on and Twitter @ChelanPUD.

Chelan PUD loves hosting visitors at our parks and boat launches. We want everyone to have a great – and safe – time. Enjoy. Stay cool!

Outages or Emergencies

Visit our Safety and Outage Center for information, or to report an outage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call 1-877-PUD-8123.