Stay safe & unplug if you're bitcoin mining at home

by Kimberlee Craig | Jul 11, 2018

Using a little Stranger Things humor, Chelan PUD has created a video to help customer-owners and the community understand the serious danger involved in unauthorized bitcoin mining at home. It tells the story of “Danny Liteman” and the strange electrical happenings at his family’s house after he installs cryptocurrency mining machines.

The short video is playing in local movie theaters before the feature and can be found on the PUD’s Facebook page. The goal is to increase awareness about the dangerous consequences of the 24/7 load of bitcoin mining in residential neighborhoods. A longer version on the PUD website offers more information about the moratorium on electric service requests for cryptocurrency operations and reminds folks of the hearing on Aug. 6.

Both urge people to talk with Chelan PUD about any plans for a mining operation.

As the videos show, even small mining operations in a basement or closet can seriously stress PUD wires and equipment and can cause failures that cut power off to you and your neighbors, or even worse, cause a fire.

Cryptocurrency mining may sound enticing, but considering fees of up to $11,000 for unauthorized mining, it really isn’t a risk worth taking.

Stay safe and unplugged unauthorized operations, and talk with us at Chelan PUD.


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