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Contest invites families to compete for prizes and “Reduce Your Use”

Chelan County PUD
News Release

In this contest, the biggest loser is the biggest winner.

Chelan County PUD is inviting local homeowners to enter a contest to “Reduce Your Use” this winter.

Up to 10 participants will be selected by PUD Conservation staff based on where they live, type of home, and their potential to “Reduce Your Use.” Those selected will receive a free, detailed home energy audit, with personalized recommendations on how to save energy.

Those customers will then compete against each other in a good-natured race to see who can reduce their electric bills by the greatest percentage between Jan. 1 and March 31, 2011. The top three contest winners will receive prizes donated by local businesses. The top prize is a $500 gift certificate at Wal-Mart; second place, a $250 certificate at Community Glass; and third place, a $100 certificate at Stan’s Merry Mart.

“Each winter we receive calls from customers asking how they can trim their electric bills,” said Susan Gillin, Customer Service administrator. “A contest is a fun way to challenge customers to take a good look at their energy use and identify ways they can save.”

The 10 “Reduce Your Use” contestants will receive detailed audits that include duct testing, thermal imaging scans to identify heat loss, and a stem-to-stern walk-through of their homes to check insulation, weather-stripping, lighting, appliances, electronics, thermostat settings and other energy-related items. Each homeowner will receive a report with energy-saving recommendations. After that, it’s up to the contestants to put those ideas into action.

All customers can follow their progress on a Facebook page devoted to the contest. The page – along with the PUD’s website – will chart the changes as contestants reduce their use. Customers will be chosen from around the county, allowing residents to root for their “home team.”

All customers can take advantage of winter conservation tips on the PUD website. In addition, the PUD offers weatherization incentives to customers who add insulation or replace old windows.

Contest applications are available on the PUD website and at PUD offices in Wenatchee, Leavenworth and Chelan. Applications must be received by 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 3.


For more information: Susan Gillin, Customer Service administrator, 661-4249, or