Current Bid and Small Works Opportunities

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15-SW05  SW  Confluence State Park Horan Nature Area - Gravel Trail Regrade  Vern Chamberlain  Jackie Krueger  Active  02/20/15  03/10/15 
15-25  Bid  Critical Infrastructure Access Control - Turnstile Procurement  Gary Rice  Alexandria Smith  Future  03/12/15   
15-22  Bid  Central Maintenance Tension Fabric Structure  Casey Hall  Lou Pratto  Active  02/18/15  03/06/15 
15-19  RFP  IBM Annual Support and Maintenance Services  Nicole Villacres  Alexandria Smith  Future  03/16/15   
15-18  Bid  Distribution Cable Bid  Lyle Moore  Mark Belton  Active  02/27/15  03/16/15 
15-16  Bid  Substation SPCC Civil Improvements – Group 1  Samuel Dilly  Mark Belton  Future  03/11/15   
15-14  Bid  Rocky Reach Units C-8 through C-11 Generator Repairs  Brett Bickford  Christi VanWagner  Active  02/10/15  03/19/15 
15-10  Bid  Electrical Dock Crew Contract 2015  Vern Chamberlain  Jackie Krueger  Future  03/05/15   
15-07  Bid  Lake Chelan Dam Spillway Gates Seals  Justin Fletcher  Lou Pratto  Future  03/17/15   
15-04  Bid  Daroga State Park Group Camp Improvements  Court Hill  Christi VanWagner  Future  06/01/15   
15-03  Bid  Lincoln Rock State Park Swim Beach Improvements  Court Hill  Christi VanWagner  Future  07/01/15   
14-78  Bid  15kV Metalclad Substation Switchgear  Thomas Kelly  Mark Belton  Award Pending  01/28/15  02/13/15 
14-64  RFP  External Website Redesign and User Testing  Suzanne Hartman  Mark Belton  Award Pending  01/21/15  02/13/15