Current Bid and Small Works Opportunities

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15-SW38  SW  Rocky Reach Unit C-7 Thrust Bearing Shoes Rebabbitt  Penny Hulbert  Christi VanWagner  Future  10/08/15   
15-SW36  SW  Distribution Line Vegetation Clearing  William Sanborn  Mark Belton  Active  10/02/15  10/13/15 
15-SW35  SW  Lincoln Rock State Park Swim Beach Improvements  Court Hill  Christi VanWagner  Future  12/01/15   
15-SW32  SW  Headquarters Building First Floor Restroom Upgrades  David Lodge  Lou Pratto  Active  09/18/15  10/08/15 
15-SW25  SW  Hawley Street Networks Building HVAC Improvements  Vern Chamberlain  Jackie Krueger  Future  10/09/15   
15-58  Bid  Hawley Street 20 Ton Bridge Crane  Brett Bickford  Mark Belton  Active  09/18/15  10/15/15 
15-54  Bid  Supply of Fiber Optic Cable  Randall Phillips  Mark Belton  Award Pending  08/28/15  09/11/15 
15-52  Bid  Rock Island Dam Powerhouse 2 Governor Controls Installation  John Sagerser  Christi VanWagner  Future  10/22/15   
15-51  Bid  Rock Island Dam Fishway Extension Removal  Brett Bickford  Christi VanWagner  Future  10/30/15   
15-49  Bid  Supply of Rocky Reach Dam Intake Gates  George Velazquez  Alexandria Smith  Award Pending  09/01/15  09/25/15 
15-45  RFP  Project and Construction Collaboration Software as a Service  Raymond Hahne  Alexandria Smith  Award Pending  08/18/15  09/09/15 
15-39  RFP  Architectural Services  Samuel Dilly  Mark Belton  Award Pending  05/19/15  06/09/15 
15-36  RFP  NEC Telephone System Upgrade  Robert Shane  Mark Belton  Award Pending  07/23/15  08/14/15 
15-21  Bid  Rocky Reach Headworks Gantry Crane Refurbishment  Stephen Wiest  Alexandria Smith  Award Pending  08/07/15  09/29/15