Beebe Bridge Park Camping Pilot Study


For 2017, Chelan PUD is offering our residential electric customers the chance to reserve two nights of camping for free as part of the Public Power Benefit program.

Three of the 46 campsites at the park are being made available during the 2017 camping season. The campsites are offered on a first-come/first-served basis.

View the campsite calendar to check for available dates

You will need your voucher with you when you arrive to camp. Part of the voucher will be go on your car dashboard and the other part will go into the deposit box located at the kiosk where you entered the park. If you need to take your car away from the campsite, you can leave the copy from your dashboard on the short post (bollard) at the campsite or on the clipboard at the campsite.

If you do not have your voucher, you can pay for a regular campsite if spaces are available.

Your assigned Public Power Benefit campsite numbers corresponds with the painted numbers located on the ground at the campsite.

Enjoy your stay! Another Chelan County PUD Public Power Benefit program to provide the best, for the most, for the longest period of time.


The Camping Pilot is a result of the PUD’s 2015 strategic plan that identified some Public Power Benefit programs to offer Chelan County residents. The goal is to provide programs that improve the quality of life for residents and provide the best for the most for the longest period of time. So long as the PUD has available revenues and after all PUD obligations and debt repayment requirements are met, we will continue to look at ways to provide Public Power Benefits.

Step 1:
View the calendar to check available dates

Step 2:
Apply Online or Download your application and drop off your form at any PUD office
(Wenatchee, Chelan or Leavenworth)

When can I expect my voucher?
You should receive your pass within 5 business days upon our receipt of the application.

Descarga una aplicación en Español aquí