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Chelan County PUD fiber optic expansion program coming to Cashmere

by Suzanne Hartman | May 02, 2016
Expansion part of the utility’s Public Power Benefit Program

Starting on May 2, PUD crews will be in the Tigner Road area to begin expanding fiber optics to approximately 140 residences. The expansion work is part of the District’s Public Power Benefit program approved by the PUD Commissioners in May of 2015. In all, about 1000 new fiber customers will be added to the program in 2016. This includes parts of Cashmere, Manson and Leavenworth.

Drivers along Tigner Road can expect to see PUD and contractor crews in the area for the next 50 days, Monday – Friday, generally from 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. They will be placing equipment to prepare for the new fiber service. Residents who are in this expansion area can contact a service provider now to make arrangements for service. 

For more information about the planned expansion, please visit the PUD website and click on “My PUD Services.”