Event Calendar

Schedule for Sale of Slice Products 27, 28, and 29

The District anticipates following the schedule as outlined below. Please be sure to check back for any date changes and/or additions.

Jan. 13, 2017 Release slice documents to bidders           
Jan. 20, 2017 Prequalification Applications due by 4:00 pm PPT           
Feb. 3, 2017 Credit prequalification information due to bidders           
Feb. 7, 2017            Final comments due from bidders           
Feb. 15, 2017  Final contract documents to bidders           
Feb. 22, 2017 Bids due by 10:30 am PPT, notification by 1:30 pm PPT           
Feb. 24, 2017 Execution of contract, other legal documents and collateral posting with winner           
January 1, 2018

Slice product delivery begins