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At Chelan County PUD, we count knowledge and information among our most valuable assets. We dedicate millions of dollars to research, and we use what we learn to protect and enhance the environment for fish and wildlife while producing clean, renewable energy. We believe that sharing knowledge can help us all be better stewards of our world.

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Talented people power Chelan County PUD

by Chelan County PUD | Aug 02, 2019
Four employees named 30 Under 35 community leaders

Professional skills and a commitment to community service earned four Chelan County PUD employees recognition as 30 Under 35 leaders.

Mario Cantu, Karl Specht, Katie Tackman and Peter Vanney were honored by Wenatchee Valley Business World at a reception on Aug. 1. They are featured, with other 2019 honorees, in the August edition of the monthly business magazine.

At work, the four bring value to PUD customer-owners with expertise in engineering, finance, fisheries and customer engagement. In the community, they support opportunities for others in recreation, education and diversity.

“Our community and our workplaces are changing – for the better as shown by what all of these employees have accomplished so far and by their aspirations for helping friends, neighbors, students, and coworkers,” said Lorna Klemanski, Human Resources managing director. “They are what makes a community vibrant and you have made my life richer.

Mario Cantu, community engagement coordinator, joined the PUD in 2016. He credits his wife and three daughters as his inspiration.  “I am most passionate about making a difference in my community,” Cantu said. “We all belong, we all deserve to be informed and feel empowered to make our own decisions and speak up when needed.”

Karl Specht, mechanical engineer, joined the PUD in 2015. His father involved him in projects to learn mechanical skills, teaching him, “a job worth doing is worth doing well,” Specht said. “My father has always inspired me to be the best I can be and to give all my effort.”

Katie Tackman, Fish and Wildlife helper, joined Chelan PUD in 2016. She credits family and friends for inspiration. “Wenatchee is a very special place, and it is wonderful to be able to celebrate that with others and embrace the diversity of our valley.”

Peter Vanney, data analyst, joined Chelan PUD in 2018. His parents, especially his mom, are strong positive influences, he said. “Her hard work, determination, sacrifice, compassion and perseverance through tough times as a single mom make her a role model I try to emulate.”

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