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Don't let metallic balloons ruin your party

by Lyndsey Files | May 24, 2019
Stay safe and keep metallic balloons out of power lines

Stay safe and keep metallic balloons out of power linesIt’s the celebration season, but don’t let metallic balloons ruin your party by getting away and into power lines causing an outage.

Power outages happen when a metallic balloon touches a power line. Outages can affect thousands of Chelan County PUD customers – your neighbors and friends. Metallic balloons in the lines also can cause fires, damage property and lead to injuries.

Help your PUD keep our community safe!

  • DO NOT release metallic balloons into the air
  • Tie balloons to weights – but DO NOT tie ribbons together
  • NEVER use metallic ribbon with helium-filled balloons
  • PROPERLY DISPOSE of metallic balloons – puncture and deflate before reusing or throwing away
  • NEVER try to retrieve balloons from power lines. Call 877-783-8123, 24/7, to report

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