Willems Road Electrical System Rebuild


Chelan County PUD will soon convert a portion of electrical distribution line along Willems Road in Cashmere from overhead to underground. The work is needed to replace aging infrastructure and provide a solution for PUD fiber optics to serve residents in the canyon. This project will have multiple steps.

Step #1

  • Plow along the highlighted section of the map below
  • Install electrical and fiber conduits within easement along the north side of the access road
  • This work will be completed by contractor, Magnum Power

Step #2

  • Install electrical cable and equipment
  • Power outages will be needed to move power to the new underground system
  • This work will be completed by PUD crews

Step #3

  • Remove the abandoned overhead electrical system
  • Restore the plowed area of the road

When & What to Expect

  • Work is scheduled to begin May 23
  • Once this work begins, it will last about five days
  • Working hours are generally 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday
  • You will see contractor crews in the work area
  • We do not anticipate any traffic delays during this project

Please make sure we have your correct phone number(s) and email address by entering it at chelanpud.org/UpdateYourInfo or calling us at 509-661-8002.

For additional information about Fiber service, please visit chelanpud.org/Fiber or call 509-661-4151.


Send questions to contactus@chelanpud.org or call Teka Sellers at 509-661-4294.

Map of work on Willems Road (Cashmere)