Red Apple Road - Electrical Pole Relocation

The City of Wenatchee is planning to widen Red Apple Road and improve curbs, sidewalk and gutters from South Miller Street to Okanogan Avenue. To accommodate those improvements, Chelan County PUD must move our power poles, lines and associated equipment along Red Apple Road. We plan to do this work in 2018.

PUD staff is in the design phase of the relocation project. A PUD engineer will be in the area this fall looking at options for new locations for power poles and wires. The engineer may be contact you about poles on or near your property that need to be moved. If the PUD needs an easement, you will be contacted directly by PUD staff. The design phase also includes locating other utilities (markings to show where underground utilities are located) and wood stakes placed in the ground to show the new location of poles and the boundary of public right-of-way.

When design is done and in preparation for construction, a PUD arborist will evaluate trees near the new locations for poles and wires. You will be contacted directly by PUD staff if a tree on your property needs to be pruned or removed to make room for the new locations. Tree work is done at the PUD’s cost.

This webpage will be updated when more information is available about the project and schedule. 

For more information on the City of Wenatchee's roadway improvement project, please visit their website:

Please contact Project Engineer, Tammy Fisher at or 509-668-4617.

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