Mission Creek Road Electrical System Rebuild and Fiber Service Expansion

The contractor has completed work between Binder Road and Milepost 5, the remaining portion of the project is from this point to the end of Mission Creek Road. Whitefish Energy postponed work for two weeks in August while they worked on a different PUD project. They returned to Mission Creek on Monday, August 21. We anticipate the remainder of the work to last about four weeks.

Please remember that one-lane, flagger controlled traffic is in place for the duration of this project. We encourage growers to contact your trucking companies so they are aware of the project and traffic impacts.

Mission Creek schedule update map

In May, a PUD contractor, Whitefish Energy, began work to rebuild and replace wood electric distribution poles and hang fiber cable along seven miles of Mission Creek Road in Cashmere. The work began at the intersection of Mission Creek and Binder Roads. After fiber cable is hung and work on the distribution poles is complete, PUD crews will start splicing the fiber system. The fiber system uses the wood distribution poles, so the PUD must first rebuild the electrical system in order to bring wood poles into national safety code compliance. All work is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2017.

The work is part of the PUD’s strategic plan and Public Power Benefit Program designed to reinvest in or infrastructure, to increase the quality of life in Chelan County and to provide the best for the most for the longest period of time.

In preparation for this project, a Chelan County PUD contractor pruned trees along Mission Creek Road following the existing power lines and including a few new locations to protect electric equipment and the public from potentially dangerous trees.  If any of these hazard trees were located on private property, a PUD arborist talked with the property owner in advance of any tree removal.

  • Work began in late May
  • Work on the electrical system is expected to continue into September
  • Once work on the electrical system is complete, work on the fiber system will begin
  • You may see either a contract crew or a PUD fiber crew working in the area until the end of the year
  • Working hours are generally Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • You will see contract and PUD trucks and equipment in the roadway during working hours
  • You will hear typical construction noise during working hours
  • One-way, flagger controlled traffic will be needed for the duration of the project
  • Power outages may be needed
  • Affected customers will be notified with details prior to any outage

Access to PUD fiber is expected to be available by the end of 2017. Call now if you are interested in a fiber connection: Michelle Dennis at (509) 661-4151.

For fiber information please visit chelanpud.org/Fiber.

Updates on the project schedule will be posted on this website.

Send questions to contactus@chelanpud.org or call Teka Sellers at (509) 661-4294