Conservation/Environment Ehrenberg Home

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Shirley and Richard Ehrenberg

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Richard and Shirley Ehrenberg are former world travelers; now they mostly stay close to home on Lambert Street in Wenatchee.

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First-place savers: Richard and Shirley Ehrenberg, 711 Lambert, Wenatchee

Richard and Shirley Ehrenberg feel strongly about the benefits of conservation. They were eager to join the contest to see just how much savings they could achieve -- and they saved 35 percent! They’re very pleased with their results. The Ehrenbergs are retired. They have three grown children and four grandsons.

About the Ehrenberg Home

  • Year constructed: 1982
  • Square footage: 1,865
  • Home type: rambler with crawlspace 
  • Electric heat type: heat pump 
  • Number of occupants: 2

Here is what they did: 

  • Added insulation where it was missing or had settled
  • Replaced windows
  • Sealed around sliding glass door where draft was created due to a doggie door
  • Sealed around surround-sound system in master bedroom
  • Sealed microwave hood vent pipe with duct tape. (Duct tape is not recommended in most applications. A better type of aluminum tape or Mastic is recommended for sealing air leaks.)
  • Added weather-stripping to door between garage and hallway.
  • Closed foundation vents. (A better type of vent that is more easily closed and opened is recommended so crawlspace can be sealed off in winter and opened in summer)
  • Turned off hot tub
  • Closed fireplace damper

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Here’s what could still be done to save even more energy:

  • Seal around recessed lights in kitchen
  • Program house thermostat to reduce the difference between high and low settings (this is recommended with heat pumps)
  • After installing new foundation vents, seal ductwork in crawlspace
  • Add a programmable thermostat to office adjacent to garage
  • Find and stop source of cold air coming into bathroom behind vanity

For final results at the Ehrenberg home, click on the chart at right. For more information about how to save at your own home, contact Conservation Program Manager Mark Wiser.