SNAP (Solar and Wind)

Renewable energy - it's a SNAP

SNAP (Sustainable Natural Alternative Power) is Chelan County PUD’s award-winning renewable energy program. Through SNAP, the PUD is making small-scale solar and wind power more cost-effective for customers. The program connects customers who want to produce solar and wind power with other local customers who want to support the development of new, renewable energy.

Under the program, customers voluntarily pay a little extra on their utility bills. These customer donations are collected by the PUD and distributed once a year to our SNAP producers -- individuals, schools and nonprofit agencies that are generating solar and wind power. Renewable energy generated by SNAP producers is either consumed by the producer through net metering, or goes into the PUD’s electrical grid and is distributed to PUD customers.

Customers who support SNAP are helping build a base of renewable energy in Chelan County. They’re helping diversify our energy resources as well as our economy.

Customers who produce energy for SNAP are helping grow a new, renewable resource to complement our already abundant hydropower.

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