Warming center open at PUD Office on Wenatchee Avenue

by Kimberlee Craig | Jan 13, 2017

Chelan PUD customers in Wenatchee who are without electricity this bitterly cold morning are invited to come to the PUD Auditorium at 327 N. Wenatchee to warm up with hot coffee and to plug in and charge mobile phones.

Customers can enter the auditorium from the door on Wenatchee Avenue near the Fifth Street intersection or from customer parking behind the headquarters building, which is reached from Fifth Street.

PUD crews have restored power to about more than two-thirds of the 2,000 customers affected by the power outage reported around 7 a.m. The outage occurred at Miller Substation.  Orchard Middle School was affected by the outage, but power has been restored. Most students were picked up by their parents and those who remain will be taken care of at the school until the end of the school day. There are reports of other, isolated outages not related to the Miller Substation outage and affecting only a few customers. The cause of the outage isn’t known. Once all power has been restored, crews will be investigating the cause further.

The PUD’s outage line – 877-783-8123 - is working for customers needing to report any problems with utility services.  Regular updates also are being posted on, on Twitter @ChelanPUD and under the big blue “Outage” button on the homepage at

The District will be moving its mobile substation from the North Wenatchee Substation to the Miller Substation around 10:30 or 11 a.m. This may impact traffic for a brief stretch of North Wenatchee Avenue onto Miller Street and as the mobile substation is positioned at the Miller Substation. There will be uniformed officer support for traffic guidance.

Customers in the neighborhood that is bordered by Third Street on the north and Idaho Street on the south, Buchanan Street on the east to Cove Street on the west remain without power. The District estimates that power will be restored to all customers later this afternoon.

During a power outage in your area, remember these tips for your safety:

  • If you see a downed power line, assume it is live and stay away. Do not try to remove tree limbs from power lines
  • Report a power or PUD water outage by calling our 24-hour line, 877-783-8123. Listen to the recording and stay on the line if you have information to add or a special need
  • Leave a porch light and/or one inside light on so crews easily can tell when power is restored
  • Unplug electronics and major appliances. Food in a refrigerator or freezer should be ok for 24 hours if the doors are left closed, You can plug things back in about ten minutes after power is restored. if you have electric heat, please turn it off and restart it about 10 minutes after power is restored, too
  • Leave a little water running in your taps to make sure your water pipes don’t freeze
  • If using a portable generator, make sure appliances are plugged directly to the generator or disconnect your home from the PUD’s electric system with a transfer switch installed by a licensed electrician. Here is more information about back-up generators
  • Do not use fuel-burning devices, like gasoline-powered generators, gasoline-powered pressure washers, camp stoves and lanterns, or charcoal grills in homes, garages, or any other confined space such as attics or crawl spaces, or within 10 feet of windows, doors or other air intakes Using these items in your home can produce carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.
  • Visit and click the blue “Outages” button on the home page for more information

If there is a fiber outage:

  • Call or check your service provider’s website for information or to report a problem. The provider will let Chelan PUD know if repairs are needed on the broadband network.
Outages or Emergencies

Visit our Safety and Outage Center for information, or to report an outage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call 1-877-PUD-8123.


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