Operating a business can be expensive. Want to spend less?

by Susan Gillin | Jan 12, 2017

Scott Stanford 005_croppedBusiness owners: Reduce your energy costs and improve the efficiency of your shops and buildings with help from Chelan PUD’s new EnergySmart Business program.

EnergySmart Business offers substantial incentives to help make investments in energy-efficient equipment affordable to business owners and managers.

“Most businesses can lower their energy bills by up to 30 percent with a few no- or low-cost upgrades, but business owners sometimes don’t know where to start,” said Scott Stanford, commercial energy adviser for Chelan PUD. Through the EnergySmart Business program, customers work with trained contractors who evaluate potential energy savings and suggest changes and upgrades.

Participating businesses will receive:

  • A free review of your business space to identify energy-saving opportunities
  • Recommendations on energy efficiency retrofits or upgrades
  • Estimates on possible yearly savings, project costs and payback periods
  • Installation of equipment that saves energy and reduces maintenance
  • Incentives that cover up to 75 percent of the cost of energy-efficient equipment and retrofits

ESBusiness_Web-croppedProjects range from lighting and window retrofits to installation of energy-efficient equipment such as ductless heat pumps, smart thermostats, power strips and HVAC controls.

Several local businesses have already taken advantage of PUD funding. One example: a downtown Wenatchee retailer paid only $4,200 for $17,000 worth of new lighting, thanks to   PUD incentives.

“Local contractors are being recruited and trained to offer these types of services to interested businesses, which means the local economy benefits, as well as the customer making efficiency improvements,” Stanford said.

Business owners interested in EnergySmart Business services, including PUD incentives, can get more information by calling (855) 496-3857 or emailing Contractors interested in providing services to local businesses can get information through those same channels.

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For more information on the EnergySmart Business program, contact Scott Stanford at (509) 661-4187 or

CLEAResult, a national company with expertise in business energy efficiency programs, is helping administer EnergySmart Business for Chelan PUD.

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